Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's in Your Drawers?

You know how when you're at a friend's house and you're helping them in the kitchen and if you haven't been there before, you kindof have to explore or ask where everything is? I kindof have a knack for figuring out where people put stuff, but I can be wrong from time to time. I still like to snoop explore and see what I can learn about my friends from how they organize (or don't) their kitchen.

Today I'm interested in yours. If you have a set of drawers, please share with the class what goes where. I don't want to know what's in every drawer in the kitchen, just if you have like a stack of them.

Mine go like this:
1st drawer: silverware
2nd drawer: storage goods (saran wrap, tin foil, wax paper, baggies)
3rd drawer:: overflow plastics and random stuff
4th drawer: oven mitts and kitchen towels

If you don't have a set of drawers or a kitchen, but still want to leave a comment, feel free to tell me anything you want.


  1. 1st drawer: Random kitchen tools that don't fit in my tool turn about
    2nd drawer: storage goods (saran wrap, tin foil, wax paper, baggies)
    3rd drawer: changes, right now, I think it's measuring cups and such

  2. We must have the same organizing gene, or something:

    1st drawer: silverware
    2nd drawer: ziplocks, foil, plastic wrap, Becca's bibs and cleanup rags
    3rd drawer: random kid plastics, toys, overflow bottles, cups, lids, etc.
    4th drawer: oven mitts, rice, onions and potatoes

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Do you only have four drawers????
    I have 13. The top four go like this....
    1st: silverware
    2nd: storage goods
    3rd: knives
    4th: utensils

  4. 1. Silverware
    2. The kitchen utensils that don't fit in the two containers that are on the counter (this drawer is stuffed full and a huge pain the butt).
    3. Junk drawer
    Those are the only drawers I have.


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