Monday, September 27, 2010

Thank You!!

It seems a little strange to ask people to care about a little boy they've most likely never met. But enough people listened and watched the video and cared and donated, so that my nephew, Solomon, raised more than his goal of $5,000 for his fundraiser on Saturday!!

The event was called Mini-Laps and the theme this year was "Down on the Farm." Each child at the school took a lap around a little track, while being cheered on by hundreds of friends and family.

Solomon was a scarecrow, because you can't have a farm without a scarecrow. He was so cute, though, if I was a bird, I'd probably go hang out with him anyway!!

Solo with his big brother Yasha

His adoring throngs

Thank you a thousand (five thousand even!) times over for clicking and supporting and sharing.

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