Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Perfume Ad

So I'm sitting here at 10pm, watching TV and wondering what to blog about tonight. I'm thinking, I'm not going to get inspiration by watching TV. But I was wrong. I've always laughed at perfume and cologne ads because they are so random. If you're watching a commercial and 15 seconds in, you still have no idea what it's for, it's probably for perfume.

I thought, I could write a perfume ad. And then I thought, you could too!

Here's mine:

It's an echo deep inside. A desire, a dream, a promise, a reality. And for once in your life, there's nothing you can do. Hold your breath. Here it goes again.

Introducing Hiccups, a new fragrance by Blueberry 

Ok, your turn!

(PS - I asked John what I should blog about tonight and he said Blueberry and Mocha. The only thing I can think to say about Mocha is that I wish whatever school taught her that pitiful-my-world-is-ending look would have also taught her how to unload the dishwasher! That would be so much more useful!)

(But for real, I'd love to see what perfume ads you come up with. Please play!)


  1. It isn't a perfume ad, but it is a perfume story. This morning while jogging up at the high school around the track, some ladies pasted us and they smelled like perfume.. I mean really who smells like perfume at 5:30AM! AND they looked cute, I do not get it! But maybe that would be a good perfume ad after all.

  2. It's the smell of the crisp dew of the morning, as the wild coyote roams in the field. The cool breeze sweeps past you and the inspiration of your magic shorts set in. It's not just perspiration it's persaverance.
    Introducing Runner by Bertie and Scoopie

  3. It reminds you of a newborn babe...satisfied, content, sweet. Yet it has an air of sophistication from time spent warming and curdling. Introducing Spit-up by Ainsley.

  4. A crisp apple, pumpkin pie, crunching leaves. Fall brings all these wonderful things and more. Introducing BOY by Riley. Ah, the smell of sweat and dirt in the evening.

  5. Invigorating but calming. Bold, but mellow. Warm or icy. It's Coffee, by Starbucks. (You KNOW folks would buy it!). :)


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