Saturday, September 25, 2010

My persistent widow story

Today John and I are going to Afghanistan.

Not the country so much as the play. It's an all-day marathon of plays based on the book The Great Game. We are excited about it, as both of us are drawn in our hearts to that region of the world.

Since I'll be there all day and getting back late, I thought I would tell you a little story about how I came to really find out I was pregnant.

This was back in May, I had taken the home pregnancy test (twice) on Thursday and needed the official, medical confirmation. I was on orders at the time, so I went to the hospital at Andrews, but the women's clinic there said all they could do for me was another HPT. I called my OB and they said I needed to go to a lab and get blood drawn, but in order to go to the lab, I needed to pick up a script from their office.

"What time do you close," I ask. "4:30," they say. I leave work early to go pick up the script. I get stuck in traffic. I'm 2 miles away with 5 minutes to go, and it's all stoplights. I call the OB again. "I'm super close, but stuck in traffic, can you wait for me?" "I'm leaving at 4:30." "I know, and I left work early, but I'm so close, can you please wait?" "I'll leave it here for you."

I pulled up to the office at like 5 after and run in to find the two doctors standing in the doorway talking. "We closed at 4:30," they said. "I know, but I just talked to the girl and she said she'd leave the script here." "Well, she already left." "I know, but I've been waiting for 3 and a half years to get pregnant and I finally got a positive pregancy test and we really want to tell our moms this weekend (Mother's Day), so I really want to get the blood work done soon." My doc, finally recognizing me (must have been the uniform that threw her off), walked to the reception desk and picked up a stack of notes to look for my name. I followed her and spotted my script, grabbed it, thanked her profusely and ran out.

I looked up the lab on my phone and they closed at 4. Grrr! That means we will have to wait until Monday for the results.

And you'll have to wait until tomorrow's blog to hear the rest of the story, since I'm out of time today! To be continued..

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