Friday, September 3, 2010

Mocha Love

Here's a funny story. Well it was funny to me and this is my blog. So there.

Mocha loves John more than just about anything. Definitely more than anyone else, but she proved last night that he is her favorite thing ever, too.

Before we feed her, we have her "down" at the entrance to the kitchen. That way, she's not all up in the food as we're getting it ready. She has to wait until told, "Mocha, come." Sometimes we'll tease her and just say "Mocha," but she still has to wait for the "come" command.


Last night, I had her waiting there and got the food in her bowl, and then had a pregnancy moment (or probably just an Anna moment) and forgot about her. I was looking in the fridge for my own dinner to appear when I looked over and saw her waiting.

Just as I told her "come," the door (downstairs) opened and John came home from work.

I wish I could've captured how tortured and torn this poor dog was. Almost equidistant from her was her dinner, which she had been patiently waiting for (since breakfast), and her master, around whom her world spins. What to do, what to do?

She chose John. Sortof.

She ran about half-way down the stairs as I was laughingly explaining to John what was happening. I guess her expression told him everything so he was laughing too, so he took his time taking off his shoes and getting up the stairs. Meanwhile, she ran up and down to that half-way point, making sure the food was still there, then going to check on him.

When he finally made it up and was greeted properly, she allowed herself to come eat.

I, on the other hand, just kept looking in the fridge for my dinner. Clearly, I have my priorities straight!

Happy Friday!

Oh, would you be a hero to some special needs kids and go vote for them if you haven't already? My nephew's school is in the running for $500,000 from Kohl's, but the contest ends tonight at midnight (CST). They are providing him with a $30,000 education for absolutely nothing and run completely on donations. Winning this money would make a world of difference. See the September Love post for more info. Here's the link

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  1. So cute!! What a good girl she is! :) The Kohls Cares site wigs out for me every time. :( I'm going to keep trying.


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