Thursday, September 16, 2010

Open Mic Night

I have a question for you, readers, because I'm always talking about me and I'd love to learn a little about you.

How do you prepare for a big event, say a big change in your life?

So many changes that happen in our lives we have little-to-no prep time for. But then, there are some that we actually have some degree of control over or foreknowledge of, so we can be (if we so choose) intentional about our approach.

For me, I'm in the midst of preparing for my first child. There are classes to take, books to read, stores at which to register, forums to join, stuff to buy, people to get advice from, people to ignore advice from, more books to read and more stuff to buy. Some of my fellow mama-to-bes are thriving in the preparation stage and diving into the research, and I love benefiting from their efforts.

Right now I'm more in planning to plan mode. I am not a long-range planner, but like to think about tomorrow or next week. I know everything will come together, even if it comes together at the last minute. Call it procrastination, but my pace is more crawl, walk, run. I'm reading through the books slowly, checking the forums every once in a while, signing up for classes, but I'm not in a rush. I know everything will get done, even if it's cutting it close. When I look back at other major 'controlled' changes in life, I had pretty much the same approach, and everything has worked out ok.

So, over to you. Maybe think back to starting college, a new job, getting married, having children, retiring, whatever it is. What is your approach? Does it change based on the event or season in your life?

I'm all ears. Or eyes. Whatever.


  1. I don't know what it says about me, but I prepare less and less the older I get. I think you start to understand with age (and experience) that you can't do EVERYTHING. Also, what works for one person may not work for you. With Reagan I read every book, took every class, and had her nursery ready weeks in advance. Bailey arrived and I had diapers and a few outfits washed. :) She didn't have a crib until she was 5 months old :D Maybe I'm just more aware of God's grace. Or how little we actually need. :)

  2. Regardless of what the big event is, I try to get advice from folks who have been there before me. I stock up on advice from those I trust (or have repubtable standings, if I'm taking "online advice") and throw out what I doesn't jive with me and my approaches. That, and lots of prayer. :)


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