Monday, September 6, 2010

Beach Love

Dear Blueberry,

You won't remember this weekend, so let me just tell you about it. We went to the beach with some of our very best friends. We also saw some of Mommy's favorite people who knew me before I ever met your Daddy. I know, a long long time ago! They've been praying for you to come along almost as long as we have.
Aunt Ali with your "cousins" Tegan and Laci, and Uncle Nic
We love the beach and I think you will, too. Being at the beach gives you permission to do absolutely nothing for an entire day. Well, doing nothing isn't completely accurate. There are plenty of things to do. You can watch the water or go jump in it.

You can watch the wild life. In the sky or running to and from the waves.

You can eat way too much. You can build empires (and jump on them later).

(I don't know this kid, just thought he was cute)
or you can just sit and do, well, nothing.

This time, while we were splashing around in the water, you were doing your own water aerobics in my belly. I think you were having almost as much fun in there as I was feeling you flipping around! I promise to take you to the beach again, once you're on this side, and I'm sure you'll be the cutest babe on any beach anywhere.

Until then, I'll be content carrying you as close to me as I ever will.

All my love,


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