Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Love

Today I got some unexpected surprises, both welcome of course!

This morning after eating my first breakfast of cereal at around 6 (John's alarm woke me up, so what was I supposed to do?), I tried to go back to sleep, but Blueberry had other ideas.

I've been feeling flutterings and twitches for about two weeks now, but nothing I could feel from the outside. This morning, there it was. My hand bounced off my belly! I think the kid was doing somersaults, because it was this long, slow motion, definitely not gas bubbles! I texted John who was out walking Mocha and he ran back in, but Blueberry was on break. Sure enough, as soon as he was out the door, s/he started it up again.

I wish there was a way for me to capture what that feels like for John. I know you other women who have carried babies understand. I can't take any type of recording or impression of it. All I have are words, which are very failing.

Finally. Finally, after months of knowing there's a baby in there, even hearing a heartbeat and seeing the pictures, I don't need any machine to tell me I'm having a baby. The scale and my clothes have been hinting at it, but now I really know it. Simply amazing.

Ok, moving on to the next fun thing.

Baby F's mom called me yesterday and asked if I could watch her today. Her regular daycare provider had the flu, so of course I was excited to hang out with her. For my newer readers, Baby F was our first foster care placement back in February and we had her for the first month of her life. Here she is when we got her:

(2 days old)

Here she is today with her new best friend, Mocha:

(7 months old)

That girl is crawling and trying to stand up! She's eating baby food. She was totally fearless around Mocha and the adoration was mutual.

We also went to visit our good friends, Bre and Seth, who we were in a Beth Moore study with earlier this year. Here are the kids in February:

And here they are today:

And finally, here's one of me with the little lady. 

(Yeah, it's my "i'm holding a kid" picture smile. I hope I learn to smile naturally by the time Blueberry makes a debut!)


  1. So sweet (both babies)!! The first kicks are really amazing, no matter how many babies you have :) And the little stinkers never kick on cue! Baby F has really grown up - what a little doll.

  2. So precious! I never will forget that moment when I felt those first strong kicks -- the kind you can not only feel but also SEE. It truly is a wonderful time. Hope you enjoy every single moment!

    Baby F is soooo cute! :)

  3. That was my very favorite thing about being pregnant. It's when I really started to feel the bond with my babies. I used to lie in bed at night or in the morning with my hand on my belly, just talking to the baby and feeling all of her responses. Her squirms and shifts, kicks, rolls, somersaults, waves, and taps. I don't think our husbands will ever *truly* understand, but I think it'll be a big deal for John when you randomly grab his hand and hold it against Blueberry as s/he is moving. Thanks for sharing.

  4. One time I put the remote on my belly and Reagan kicked it off! Those "flutters" will turn into full out kicks. Just wait for the first time blueberry kicks your full bladder. Oh the joys :D
    Baby F looks like such a sweet girl! I'm so glad you get to be a part of her growing up!!


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