Thursday, September 30, 2010

Month in Review

Well, I made it. Except for the day missed due to my visit to the ER, I blogged every day this month. I didn't post all the links on Twitter and FB, though, so just in case you only read my blog from those links, here's what I wrote:

1) September Love -- My pledge to blog every day and my first pitch to watch the video of my nephew Solo and donate to his school

2) Baby Love -- Talking about feeling Blueberry move and spending the day babysitting for our first foster baby, the lovely Baby F

3) Mocha Love -- A little love story about a dog and her boy

4) Dawn Love -- My first guest blogger wrote about her path to motherhood

5) Blog Love -- I shared some links to other blogs I love

6) Beach Love -- A little note to my unborn baby about the beach

7) Last Minute Love -- A teaser about an as-of-yet-unwritten blog about salt

8) Birthday Love -- Some thoughts about aging on my birthday

9) Not Feeling the Love -- I was feeling blue, so I counted some of my blessings

10) I'm sorry, Love -- Wherein I abandon using Love in every blog title

11) Remembering and Celebrating -- My 9/11 Memorial pictures

12) Cowboys Luv -- Why God loves the Cowboys (and His kids who love them, too)

13) Loving Solo -- Celebrating my nephew's birthday and another plug for his school's fundraiser

14) New Most Embarrassing Moment -- Probably the most read blog of the month and the reason I paid the ER a little visit!

15) Open Mic Night -- How I approach a planned change and asking readers to share how they do it

16) (untitled) -- Writer's block poetry

17) Self-Inflicted -- Why it's good for me to have discipline and goals

18) Church of Potatoes -- About the Sunday my church got dirty

19) About me -- 8 Q&As

20) A Night with Greg Mortenson -- Pretty self-explanatory, I think :-)

21) Perfume Ad -- Wherein I discover how creative my commenting readers are

22) What's in Your Drawers? -- A very serious topic facing kitchens everywhere

23) Doctor, Roses and Letters -- I decided on the living room, for now

24) My persistent widow story -- Peeing on a stick was the easy part -Part 1

25) Persistent Widow Story Pt 2 -- There was yelling and it got bloody

26) Thank You!! -- Report of my nephew reaching his fundraising goal for his school (with adorable pictures)

27) 10 Sentence Tuesday... It's baaack! -- Random thoughts to sum up the day

28) Book of Love -- What I do with Christmas/holiday cards

29) This one, duhuh!!

In case you worried that I wouldn't provide you any unique content today, thus wasting your click over, here's a product you probably must have. You're welcome.

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