Friday, September 24, 2010

Doctor, Roses and Letters

Yes, it's random. So was today. And this week, come to think of it.

Today I went to my primary care physician to get my stitches taken out, which of course meant another round of people to whom I had to explain how I sat on a knife in my car. The good news is that I learned that my doctor is a family doctor, which means she sees babies and kids, so I don't have to find a pediatrician for Blueberry. (Unless there's a good reason I should have a pediatrician as opposed to a family doctor. Anyone, anyone?) I really like the idea of the same person seeing us every time, which is what I have with my OB now.

I also took care of a problem that has been bugging me for a long time. See, I've dried and kept roses that people have given me for years. Seriously, like since high school. And I've packed and moved these dried roses from place to place as I've grown up. For the past several years, they've been hanging out in a basket and moved from place to place in our house, but with stems poking out and leaves and petals falling off at every move, this just hasn't been a good way to preserve them.

Their last home on the floor in the corner in the spare room (future nursery)
 I was at my friend, Sarah's, house the other day and saw a vase full of dried rose buds and decided to steal that idea. Now the only decision is where to put my new decoration. Please vote:
Living room
Finally, another thing I've kept forever is almost every letter or I received from friends and family. My mom finally tired of my tattered collection of shoe boxes taking up space in her attic and sent them home with me when I was there for Christmas. They've been taking up space in my closet ever since.

So today, they all got new homes in plastic boxes and were labeled (until my label maker ran out of paper). It was interesting going through some of them and seeing who I was pen pals with. Honestly most of the oldest letters are from people I don't remember at all, but I feel like I should still keep them since I've kept them this long.

I do have a good collection from my BFF from 8th grade. She and I were only in the same state from 90-91, then her family moved and letters kept our friendship going. Many years later I was in her wedding and many years after that, she was in mine. And of course, now FB keeps us in touch, just like old times! I don't know if she kept my letters (did you, T?), but I always imagined we'd read them to each other when we were old ladies. Until then, they are nice and safe in their new home.

What did you do today? How do you store or display your collections of memorabilia (if you keep such things)? Where should I put my roses?


  1. I like the roses in the bathroom.

    I keep that stuff in a box in my closet. Being in such a damp climate, maybe I too should invest in some plastic containers for them.

  2. My vote is to put the roses in the bathroom. It gets less dust, plus Blueberry will eventually be old enough to grab at it in the living room. :o)

    I wish I were as organized as you. I don't have any of my letters on display. But I do have Gramma and Poppo's daily journals from the first 2-3 years of their marriage. Both books are displayed nicely in my bookcase in our den.

  3. bathroom is my vote. its all romantical and stuff.
    I finally parted with a lot of my old letters and cards. I watched Hoarders too much and it freaked me out! :)

  4. I can't decide between the bathroom and the living I am not much help there! BUT I keep my stuff in both shoe boxes AND plastic containers but I am in process of reorganizing all kinds of we shall see how that finally turns out!


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