Saturday, November 9, 2013

We're having the baby here

You don’t even have to say it. I know, already. I’m the worst blogger ever.

No. I’m not even a blogger, because to be a blogger, you have to, well, write on your blog, which I apparently don’t do anymore.

But here I am, and for the handful of you who might not follow me on Instagram or Facebook, there are a few major changes to my status over the past few months that you might care to know about.

First, I’m pregnant! It’s a boy! He’s due in less than two months! Poor little guy, he’s not even born yet and I’m already falling behind in tracking and recording his life. And look, even now when I’m making the big announcement here, he gets a tiny paragraph. I'm even posting an outdated picture in his debut here.

Here he is at 16 weeks in the announcement I put on FB (He's now 32 weeks!)

Second, we moved to the Middle East. I wrote about it last year, so if you don’t know already, you can go there and try to crack my code (haha) on where exactly we are.

So now, I hope my title makes more sense. We have decided to deliver “Baby J” here, since the doctors and facilities are more than adequate and we get to stay together as a family. Going back to the States to deliver has its advantages, but the biggest disadvantage would be that Ayla and I would have to go 6 weeks before the due date and stay at least 6 weeks after his birth, while John would only be able to come for about 3 of those. We've already done enough separated time, so we'll stick this one out. 

I want to write more about all of these things, but had to start with actually telling you about them. I figure rather than try to overload this space with a complete catch-up, I’ll space it out to give you something to read on your potty breaks (if you don’t check your phone or read blogs when you’re on the potty, then neither do I).

Thanks for still reading and I’ll see you again here, soon!
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