Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Love

So your favorite blogger (me, in case you wondered) is away at the beach for the weekend, but you really want to read some good blogs. What ever are you going to do?

Never fear! I got your back. I'll hook you up. Here are some of the blogs that have been challenging, encouraging or just making me laugh lately. Most are linked through the images except for the first one, which would not cooperate.


My friend, Lacie, is hilarious and a great writer. You should be warned that she's really into The Jersey Shore, but other than that, her blog is one of the highlights of my days!


My friend, Lindsey, lives in South Africa, for now. Just recently, she opened up about her journey in infertility land. I've loved reading as God works in her and her husband through this and can't wait to see what the next chapter for them is.

On the other end of the journey, is my internet friend, Stacey. I discovered her through the awesome guest blog she wrote for Stuff Christians Like and have been following her journey ever since. She is carrying her seventh baby, but will give birth to her first (in mere days!) after 9 years of recurrent loss and infertility! Many times what she writes about is exactly what I want to say.


You may have seen this video or story as it made its way around the web. If not, watch it first.


Though I went to college with the Arnolds, and I remember them, I can't say I really know them. The surviving brother, Chad, started a blog and with raw honesty, is continuing to share the story that has touched thousands of lives.

I "met" Sara through my IRL friend Alece. She is an amazing writer and artist, who, though confined to her house due to a very rare disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis, has chosen to spend her life in joy and service to God and others. She also plays Words With Friends with me from time to time, so that automatically makes her a winner!

Cooking (bonus section)

Sommer and I were great friends in high school and college. We went on two mission trips to India together. She's now a cooking instructor in Asheville, NC, and shares her culinary love and skillful writing with the world.

Mary is a dear friend who told me about the Culinary Skills 101 class we're currently taking together. She's been blogging about each of our lessons and making the recipes at home, so if you want to follow along with us (for free, no less!), follow her blog.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you've found something here you enjoy! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Thanks, Anna, for the blog love and for the personal encouragement currently and really since we met! YOU ROCK! :)

  2. Thank you, Anna! You are so sweet. Thanks for sharing my blog & my story with others, and for all of your support and prayers.

    Hope you had fun at the beach!!!

  3. Anna!!! That is so sweet! You didn't even tell me that you did that. I just came to see how your beach trip went. It looks like it was awesome and I hope that you're having a wonderful birthday as well. Hope to see you soon!


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