Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cowboys Luv

Happy Sunday, y'all!

Yesterday's wedding was wonderful. Bride beautiful. Cake delicious. Good times, good times.

Melody danced with her daddy to the most beautiful song I'd never heard, so if anyone is planning a wedding or just wants to cry thinking about their future daughter's wedding, go listen to Kendall Payne's, Daddy.

So on to today! We are getting ready to go to our first NFL game, which we are calling the Cowboys game. Most people here are calling it the Redskins game, but we know what's up!

That we are going is really an answer to prayer. Now, I know God has way bigger things to do and care about than professional football, but the way we got tickets just shows us how much He cares about His kids.

John had asked for tickets to this game for our anniversary, but they were just ridiculously over-priced, and we decided our money was better spent elsewhere. However, after we "gave it up," I secretly asked God to bless John with tickets to this game somehow.  It wasn't a big, need-lots-of-faith kindof prayer, just a small request to His daddy's heart.

About two weeks ago, I got a text from a friend saying since she was a season ticket holder, she could get a really great price and who was interested. Me me me!! (That's exactly what I texted back.) So we got two tickets for way under what just one was going for online, but that's not even the cool part.

After I told her that this was an answer to prayer, she said she had actually prayed who she should send the text to, and God told her us. We had never talked about football or even sports, so she wouldn't  have known this was one of our desires. So God used this to bless both of us, showing that He listens and cares and I'm pretty sure this is as close to proof that you can get that God is a Cowboys fan. :-)


  1. I was with you up until the end... God loves Cowboys fans, but I can almost certainly say that He is NOT a fan! :) Of course, I might be biased (being an Eagles fan and all...)

  2. I love it! Even the hairs on our heads are numbered!

  3. Oh geez, now you went and got me all teary-eyed.


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