Friday, August 7, 2009

Stealing from Alece

I have a friend named Alece who has a really great blog at I'm stealing an idea from her called "4 minute Friday." I pick a topic and write about it free flow for 4 minutes.

Tonight's topic: Friends


I'm sitting here at a beautiful retreat center in the Maryland peninsula with about 15 of my close friends. I've asked just about everyone what I should blog about. Everyone has different ideas. Some have pointed to the peaceful expanse of water surrounding us and said I should blog about that. One of them is teaching his son to fish, so someone suggested fishing.

But I decided to blog about my friends here, because they are the most inspirational element of this evening. These are people I can sit around a campfire and enjoy a dixie cup of wine with or sing our hearts out to God with no pretense or showmanship. These are people we've traveled to different countries with or have made plans to do so very soon. These are people who truly know how to celebrate life together and comfort me in the not-so-celebratory times.

These are friends who every once in a while I pinch myself for having the good fortune to know, to share life with.


Happy Friday, my friends!

1 comment:

  1. oooh! i love your inaugural four-minute post!



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