Thursday, August 13, 2009

Memories on the verge

John and I are in Florida this weekend to celebrate two pretty big
deals. The first and biggest is our 4th Anniversary, which is the
14th. The second is John being awarded the Honor Graduate of the Year
from the school we went to Georgia for last year (more on this Tuesday).

Since Disney is free for military this year, we are taking fully
advantage of it and the discounts they are offering to their hotels
and restaurants. I'm almost, but not quite, equally excited about our
anniversary dinner at Seasons 52, which is my favorite restaurant so

So, on this anniversary eve, I thought I'd share what we did instead
of a rehearsal dinner four years ago. We had a rehearsal prayer
breakfast. We did this for a few reasons.

1) We got married outside and the weather in Oklahoma in August is
terrible, so I wanted to do something in the morning when there was a
chance of it being cooler.

2) I love breakfast. I could eat it for every meal, and sometimes do.
Plus, breakfast food is far cheaper to cater than dinner!

3) We have an incredibly spiritual family and group of friends and
couldn't think of anything we'd rather do than be commissioned into
marriage with praise and worship and being prayed over.

It was an amazing time, almost more special than the ceremony the next
day (but that was pretty great too). My only regret is that we didn't
record it, except with a few pictures. It's sealed pretty tightly in
our memories, though. We have seen many of the prayers answered and
the words spoken over us come to pass.

I'm on the road now and only have my iPhone to blog with, so I will
post some pics of that day once we are home.

Thanks for joining me on this little trip down memory lane. Join me
tomorrow for a little reminiscing about the day I married my best
friend. (or interesting things I've seen at Disney World)


  1. wait a sec---there's a seasons 52 here in atlanta. (i've only had drinks there, never a meal...) never realized it was a "chain". so... when you visit me here (hint), maybe we'll have to go!


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