Monday, August 3, 2009

iPhone saves the Day 2

In one corner stands procrastination and my dying laptop. In the other corner stands Central time zone and my handy dandy iPhone.

I pledged to blog every day for the whole month of August and it's only day two and I'm almost busted. It's already Wednesday in my home, but fortunately I have an extra hour here in Tulsa. Unfortunately, my computer keeps dying, so I turn to my iPhone to help me post.

I hear Jillian Michaels, the fitness trainer, shouting "Don't phone it in," but this time, it's a good thing.

I didn't really have anything ready to blog about today, so I'll leave you with one of my favorite memories of today.

We had lunch at my mom's house and, as we usually do, several of us lingered around the table for long, meandering conversation.

I looked around and just soaked in being with the 3 siblings I grew up with. My oldest brother and I didn't always get along, but we've worked hard and our relationship now is a treasure to me. My second brother and I used to memorize all DC Talk's songs and MC Hammer's dance moves. We were gonna make it big! Now we conspire on book, movie or business ideas. My little sister and I have bonded this past week over audio books which kept us awake on our drive, which is appropriate and ironic as I used to tell her stories at night to help her sleep back in our bunk-bed sharing days.

Future and current in-laws were with us too, rounding out a family picture that has taken years to make. A picture full of love, peace, and respect.

That's worth the trip every time.

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  1. i've been chuckling at all those "don't phone it in"s all week. except today. i shredded by myself. sheesh. the weights felt heavier, my muscles felt more sore, and everything just tired me out quicker. don't know if i was just feeling the effects of less motivation/accountability or of the quesadillas and beer i'd just consumed. hmmm... deep thoughts by alece at 1:44 AM. ha.

    loved hearing about your siblings, and your varied relationships. so glad you're able to be home right now.

    i want to leave you with one last thought: "your neck's not invited to this party!"



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