Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Just Saying: Trip photos

Here is a phrase I think is useless, but have even caught myself
saying it. When someone is about to go on a trip or have an exciting/
milestone event we say,

"Take lots of pictures!"

Let's talk about why this phrase is completely unneccesary.

1) I already was going to take lots of pictures. If I am the average
American, I have at least one digital camera, and will take an obscene
amount of photos because I can.

2) You are not going to look at my 'lots' of pictures. What you want
to see is one, maybe two really good shots that give you a feel for my

3) I am probably not even ever going to go through my lots of pictures
to edit them and pick the best shots to share with you (or the whole
Facebook/Flickr world), so either I will post all of them for you to
not look at or I will never post them and you will forget what it was
you told me to take lots of pictures of.

Where did this idea come from? Is it like when we say, "Have a safe
flight," when, as a passenger, our beloved traveler has very little to
do with the safety of their flight, but we need something to say
before we say goodbye?

Do we mean, "Have a great time and I hope you bring back some good
memories."? Why don't we just say that? Or if we really are interested
in the outcome of their camera activity, could we be more specific
with our suggestions? Like, "I'd love to see the bride getting cake
smashed in her face, she has it coming" or "if you see a really cool
alley, can you get a shot for my collection?"

I'm just saying, saying "Take lots of pictures," does nothing for you
or me. If you want to keep saying it or other useless phrases, I'm
going to use you for blog fodder.

I'm just saying.


  1. i think i'm guilty of using lots of filler phrases...

  2. This is very funny to me--all of it! Very clever!


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