Sunday, August 16, 2009

Celebration time

That's actually where I am in Florida. It's almost midnight, so I'm
almost out of time on this day. It's amazing how fast time goes when
it's full.

After a full day at Hollywood Studios, we came to Celebration, a city
nearby Orlando to have dinner with a dear friend of mine from grad
school. The last time I saw Cyndy was in 2001 as I came through
Orlando on my way to Montgomery, AL, for officer training school.
We've kept in touch through the years via e-mail and now Facebook, but
there is really no substitute for good old fashioned face to face

We've been catching up on life, sharing dreams and hearts cries and
some delicious Spanish fare. And I'm just feeling pretty proud and
thankful right now.

Proud of myself for picking friends that have sticking power and for
picking a husband who fits in pretty seamlessly into relationships as
if he was always there. And then I know I didn't have anything to do
with that, so I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Time that is full may go by faster, but it also leaves stronger
memories. And this is what I'm celebrating tonight.

1 comment:

  1. thank you for being one of my "sticking power" friends...


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