Friday, August 28, 2009

4-minute Friday: Living Rooms


Living rooms are places where most of my favorite moments in life have happened. Tonight, I'm blogging from my pastors', Bill and Lisa Shuler, living room. They just moved into a new house 2 months ago, but the living room they moved from is one of my favorites. It's where I met my John. The furniture and decorations are the same here, so it kindof feels the same.  But now it doesn't matter what room I'm in with John, I just love to look across it and see that he's mine.

Another living room I love is the one at my mom's house in Tulsa. It has been through several modifications, from housing my grandma and aunt, to now being the grand central station of my siblings and their kids. There's a Wii Fit there that even the youngest grandkids know how to use and we convinced our grandma to try it out over Thanksgiving. Laughter lives there.

Overall, I just love the comfort and community that develops in a living room, and I couldn't think of a more appropriate name for that room.


That's my 4-minute take on living rooms. What are your favorite (G-rated) memories in a living room?

1 comment:

  1. Favorite living room moments...4 grown adults (my hubby, his brother and sister and me) staying up until 3 in the morning playing Gauntlet on the playstation screaming our heads off at each other because you have to work together to advance. and realizing that there has to be at least 100 levels because we are at level 45 with no end in site.

    I love the memories at my parent's their living room...lots of prayer times together in front of the fire place.


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