Friday, August 14, 2009

My favorite things

I'll be honest (aren't I always?). I don't have the best mindset for
blogging tonight. But, because I promised, I'll do a short bit about
my 3 favorite things about my wedding.

1) I like how we had our attendants give us the charge. The "Do
you...,take..., till death do you part."

2) Jessi Canning and Brannon Carnes, two amazing singers and great
friends, singing the song I wrote for John at the reception.

3) Having my 4 existing nephews, ages 4yrs, 20 months, 18 months and 6
weeks, as the ring bearers. The oldest pulled the youngest in a little
red wagon down the aisle with the two toddlers following. I'll post a
picture when I get home.

I have so many more things I love about my wedding, but I'll save
those for future anniversaries. Well, of course my absolute favorite
thing was marrying my John. But that's the whole point, right? :-)

What was your favorite element of a wedding you've been to? Your own
wedding can count!

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