Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brownie Crumbs

Brownie crumbs are still brownies. I know, it's deep. But this is what I felt God whisper to me tonight during worship when I was mentally critical of my voice breaking during a certain chorus. Like it really matters to Him that I didn't hit the 'right' note when pouring out my heart to Him.

I imagine it's probably like a parent being handed an indiscernible picture from their child. Or being given a breakfast in bed of burnt toast and lumpy oatmeal. It's the heart that matters, the purity of intention.

Although I'm too lazy to be a perfectionist all the time, I do like things to be just right. And of course I like to be right, too. Sometimes I even drive myself crazy with this, pouring so much time and effort into planning my actions or words and losing daylight for actually doing anything.

I want to see myself always through the eyes of my loving Abba, who delights in me and sings over me while I sleep. Who takes my tears and holds them in a bottle. Who loves to hear the voice He gave me sing back to Him.

How about you? Have you ever scraped the bottom of the brownie pan to get those yummy crumbs? They're not pretty, but they have all the same ingredients and delight the tongue just as much.

What are your brownie crumbs?


  1. Natalie Grant's song "Perfect People" has been my anthem lately.... :)

  2. i'm such a perfectionist. and the standard i expect myself to adhere to is so much higher than what i'd ever expect of anyone else.

    working on letting myself off the hook more often. which really translates as embracing the grace of my Heavenly Father.


  3. Wow...I really needed to read this. Thanks for sharing.


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