Monday, December 13, 2010

(Can't think of a creative title for these joys tonight)

Although I could tell you a long story about each of these joys, I'm striving for brevity tonight. Here we go:
17) I finished a book! Not a baby/parenting book like perhaps I should, but a very good book nonetheless. The kind where you stay up late and wake up early to live in a world painted beautifully with words. If you've read this one (Life of Pi), I'd love to discuss it with you! If you haven't, I recommend you do!

18) Some of these will be Blueberry's, some will be baby shower gifts. I love finding cute, unique gifts and I do believe these will be that gift for the slew of babies coming in 2011!

19) Another package of gifts for others that arrived in the mail. A colorful handmade item, designed by a college friend, that helps keep both the earth and houses clean.

20) I sometimes feel like I should wear a badge on my big belly. I want something that explains I'm not just another pregnant woman, but one who waited and waited for this and sometimes often wondered if it was ever going to happen. This weekend I went to an annual Christmas party filled with friends who need no such explanation. Everyone is excited for us now, but these are the friends who stood with us then.

21) We are ever so slowly cleaning the "just throw it there" pit that has been our office. I found and developed an old, disposable camera. What a delight to find pictures from a family trip in January of 2005. It was easy to find joy in the pictures which froze my sweet nephews in time (this is Grandpa Walter with Yasha and little Josiah peeping in the corner). There was also one of me in rare look-amazing-in-a-two-piece shape. I remember my Poppo sneaking us little kids back to his closet to show us a picture of our Grandma in a bathing suit in her younger years. He was so proud of his hottie wife. Now I have photographic evidence for John to show our own grandkids someday!

22) This past week I've learned that four friends are newly pregnant. Two friends IRL who were trying for their second, and two blogger buddies who were trying even longer than I did. This is the early, hold-your-breath, pray, cherish each day kind-of-joy. Grow, babies, grow!

23) Another badge I wish I could wear sometimes is one that explained that though Blueberry is our first child, s/he is also our fourth. Our first two, Baby F and Baby Z, garnered several bags of pink and blue items from my mom-friends. This weekend, I sorted them, thankful for the friendships, experience and even the heartache of having these babies in our lives. Bittersweet joy indeed.

24) I am so happy to be in touch with our third child, Boy D's, aunt, with whom he currently lives. She sent me his school picture with a glowing report that he is gaining weight, doing well in school and loves going to church! 

(Sorry, no photos for these yet)
25) The holiday cards and newsletters are coming every day! You may remember that this is my favorite thing about Christmas.

26) I accepted help! A new friend from my church's women's group offered to come clean my house, bring me food or go to Ikea for me. I'm taking her up on the Ikea offer and we have a shopping date this week. Yes, I probably should've let her come help me clean, but I'm taking baby steps here!

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  1. I've read life of pi! And I enjoyed this post very much :)


  2. beautiful, anna.

    i especially love your picture #20. also, i have always wanted to read the life of pi. looks like i'll have to now. =)


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