Thursday, December 16, 2010

Googling Joy

Here's what I discovered harnessing the power of Google to find joy tonight:

(38) Joyce Meyer is more popular than "joy"

(39) This 100 Joys project would've been easier if I had this machine:
(40) Joy made the news:
(41) Maybe I should read that article and put it to good use here:

(42) According to Google Images, joy means either jumping or throwing something in the air:

(43) Hmm, never would've connected these words and images:

Here's what the website where I found it ( says:
Intrigued by the military term “finding joy” (referring to the successful establishment of radio contact on the battlefield), Finishing School leads a workshop in which participants build small DIY radios that will be used to detect prerecorded transmissions located throughout the museum. To generate audio content prior to the event, Finishing School will interview members of the MOCA community about what brings them joy.

(44) The Finishing School also, apparently, offers a Finding Joy hotline. I may have to call them tomorrow if I'm drawing a blank again, like I was tonight!


  1. hmmm...Joy Behar does not bring me joy. And I went to the Finishing School website...what?

  2. What? You don't jump every time you feel joy? :)


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