Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Joy

I inherited many traits from my mother. One I did not inherit was her love and talent for Christmas decorations. She knows how to make things very festive by doing things like wrapping furniture (desks, shelves) in Christmas paper.

I typically just put out the few Christmas decorations I've been given over the years to justify them taking up space in my attic. It usually looks pretty pathetic, but it doesn't matter. We're not usually here for Christmas anyway.

As you would expect, with our due date only two (2!) weeks away, we can't travel home, so I felt compelled to do a little more decorating. Going through my decorations and designing a new way to display my favorite things brought new joys.

53) Here's the wide shot. We don't get a tree, we just use our topiaries (this year placed out of Mocha's reach) for the few ornaments I have. A wreath created by my good friend, Nikki, adds a personalized touch and reminds me of what incredible friends I have.

54) This is the only manger scene I've ever purchased. Some children in an orphanage in Kyrgyzstan (where I was deployed in 2006) made it. Makes me smile to think of baby Jesus in a yurt!

55) I don't do stockings. But this is from Blueberry's Grandma C, so it had to go up. So, yeah, we're having a baby!

56) In years past, cards were strewn about and photos went on the fridge, but I remember my grandparents doing something like this with their cards, so I decided to start my own tradition displaying them like this.

I pray your Christmas is full of joy. Even if you don't see or feel it for yourself, why not make some joy for others? Give someone a smile, a hug or, heck, even a kiss! Say a prayer for families stuck in hospitals or homeless shelters tonight. Write a note of thanks to a deployed servicemember on USO's website. I bet once you start looking for ways to bring joys to others, you'll feel it start to creep in your own heart!

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us here at Anna's Joy!
(Just me, really, but it sounds better to say it that way!)

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