Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Hundred Joys

I'm joining one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Markley, to find and report on 100 Joys this month.

Besides the obvious appropriateness with my middle name being Joy and all, and this being the season where we speak of good tidings of great joy, I have been challenged personally to choose joy lately.

I have pregnancy hormones running amuck, my body is betraying me, my mind is restless with the unknowns accompanying Blueberry's arrival, so yeah, some days I have to choose joy.

And, I might as well share that joy with you. It's kindof the point of my blog anyway.

To start  us out, here is one thing I have been waiting for ALL year.

This is a fund-raising calendar for the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa, and my nephew Solo (I've mentioned him once or twice ;-)) is one of the Mr. Decembers. I'm so happy I get to look at his cuteness all month as I hang out in my kitchen.

Here's a larger shot of the one in the upper corner.
These pictures are now a year old, but if that doesn't say "Joy"
I don't know what does!
Photos by Jill Solomon

If you want to join us in our 100 Joys month, head over to Sarah's blog to find out the details.


  1. i'm joining 100 Joys month too.. i'm glad to have stopped by your blog. i will start the joy posts this week.. =)

  2. It's also your last month of pregnancy....that's a good joy :D Solo is so cute in that picture!


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