Friday, February 26, 2010

Five for Friday

Today I decided to be like my friend The Toddler Whisperer and do a Five for Friday list. These are the five things I think every foster mom for newborns should have. My list might be different in a week or so, but this is as of today, with all of my three weeks of experience.

In no particular order:

This chair, brought over by a friend has been a lifesaver. It's the only place Baby F will sleep other than in our arms. (or the carseat in the moving car)

We got several of these Kiddopotamus wraps in the bags of donated clothes from our mom friends. They work like sleeping pills for Baby F. (not that we'd know how sleeping pills would work on her...)

Soothies! Modeled by our very own Baby F (wearing the oh-so-stylish cap her friend Katy brought her). If the baby had a mute button, this would be it. God bless you, soothie inventor!

We don't have a changing table, per se, but with a couple of these in every room and in the diaper bag, I can turn any surface into a changing surface. They are so soft, the aforementioned Katy likes to steal borrow them as blankets. And they are definitely waterproof as advertised!

And finally, no new mom's (foster or otherwise) collection would be complete without:


What other things should be on my list? I know you can't post pictures in the comments, but send me links! Hook a sista up!


  1. PS- What do you think of my new blog header? I like it alot!

  2. I love your new header and I love your Five for Friday list! :) Mostly I just love you :D

  3. Love your new header! The book babywise, so baby F can sleep in her bed :).

  4. Love it!! And yes, soothies are wayyy cool. I was sure to ask for one the second time around at the hospital and they had to go searching for one....everyone else got the regular pacis, but we got the soothie!! :)

  5. OO what is the brand and name of the chair? We have a little rickety one for Momo and looking around to buy a swing but haven't seen any we liked.

    I love the soothies too and the caffeine ad is just too funny :)

    Thanks for visiting :) *iclw


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