Sunday, February 21, 2010

How not to meet a celebrity

You know how some people need help picking out clothes, or knowing what they want to do with their lives, so they hire personal shoppers or life coaches? Me, I probably need both of those, but most of all I need help interacting with famous people.

Part of my problem is that I have a high capacity for considering someone famous. Like some of my friends who are bloggers and have more than 21 followers (that's how many I have), I consider them famous. My friend Alece has 231 followers. I've known her since I was 14, but I still get all giddy when she comes to town and hangs out with me.

I used to be kindof obsessed with being famous. I even wrote a song once about how I was going to be famous someday. That was back in college when I was in an awesome band called Sunday Comics.

(we have a fan page on Facebook, so you can go check out our awesome music, including "Famous Someday." Ooh, I just saw that we have 21 fans, which is approximately 11 more fans than people who bought our CD. We're on our way, baby!

One of the girls in that band, Jessica (Canning) Means, has songs on iTunes and her music has been in movies, so she's for real famous. Good thing she was one of my bridesmaids, so usually I can keep my "cool" around her. (yes, my cool is such that it needs "" around it. if you know me, you know this is true)

But most of the time, I cannot keep my "cool" and I turn into squeaky tongue-tied teeny bopper. One of my brothers used to be in a band and they were so famous they had CDs AND T-shirts, and even though I grew up with the guy, I was still all fan-ish at his concerts. My other brother works for a real band and he's close enough to being famous himself that when he calls me I get all excited. (Well, that's probably more because I love him, but still...)

Today I proved yet again that I need a S.C.A.C.C. (staying calm around celebrities coach).

John and I went to a concert where Melinda Doolittle was performing with the U.S. Air Force Band. Melinda was a finalist in Season 6 of American Idol, and I went to high school with her. She was a junior and I was a senior. I hung out mostly with juniors since they were only one year older than me, whereas most of the seniors were two years older, which in high school makes a big difference. (I was a 15-16yr old senior. Yeah, be impressed.) I got to know her through various Christian club activities, choir activities (she was in the better choir obviously, but we performed together sometimes) and musical theater. She was in my lunch group of friends. A group that nicknamed me Anna Banana (original, I know) and actually got me a stuffed banana as a going-away gift and signed it. I think they were making fun of how I once asked Kevin Smith (Kevin Max) from DC Talk to sign a banana he was eating, then showed the banana to everyone I knew. I needed help even back then.

Here are some pictures to prove my connection with Melinda.

(Our Christian club was so big, we couldn't all fit in the same picture. It was Tulsa, after all.)

(Her signature on the banana and picture of her in our yearbook)

One of my neighbors is in the USAF band, and I had asked him if he could hook us up to "meet" Melinda. He arranged it, so after the concert-- which was excellent and you should go buy her new CD-- we went back stage and waited outside her dressing room. While we waited, Baby F stole the show and even almost got stolen by one of the amazing Air Force vocalists, MSgt Shani Prewitt

(look at Baby F's double chin! she's chunking up, she is!)

Finally, the door opens and right there is none other than Melinda Doolittle herself!!! I was totally expecting a manager or some lackey, but nope, she opened it herself. 

Then, I threw myself in her arms.

No lie. 

I gave her a big hug while simultaneously saying "HiMelinda,I'mAnnaandIwenttohighschoolwithyou!"

She graciously smiled and said, "Oh yes, Anna. I thought you looked familiar." Which was nice of her to say because I clearly look nothing like this:

(yeah, that's where the Andie MacDowell comparisons come from)

So after I fumbled through telling her how awesome she is and how much I thought she was awesome and stuff like that, her manager came in and said to her "Do you know a girl named blahblahblah? She said she went to high school with you and she's here," and started to lead her away. 

Everyone looked at me like I should know this girl, too, but I didn't. So I think it's code for "It's time for you to escape crazy fans." 

But I really did go to high school with her! (I should've brought the banana to prove it!)

We did manage to take a picture with her, so, mission accomplished.

Melinda, if you ever read this, please know Baby F and I think you're awesome!

(A special welcome to any new readers from ICWL. Thanks for coming by!)


  1. That's so funny, Anna! I totally get star struck like that and my hubby makes fun of me. I was all giddy when Willie George came to a church in ABQ a few years ago...I'm a goob like that.

  2. You're in good company! I never know what to do either. Baby F IS chunking up!! Good job!! :)

  3. yip, that would be exactly what i do, it is horrible. i know famous people who i have known my whole life and i am fine around them, but someone new makes me look like a moron. your daughter has a beautiful double chin!


  4. How cool that you have that connection to Melinda Doolittle.

    Baby F is adorable.


  5. How do you have more fans then me, I thought I was winning that one.. I also need a S.C.A.C.C. because although it hasn't happened very often, I clam up around famous people, to include pastors.

  6. Your great post got picked up by Melinda's Backups - her official fan club. Why not come visit us at

  7. I would probably be the same way :) Very cool that you went to high school with her and got to go to her concert and meet her again :)

  8. This is too funny. I also need a SCACC, big time (even for minor, local celebrities and quasi politicians), so if you come across a good one... let me know. And that baby of yours? Gorgeous. ICLW

  9. I was totally standing next to John Resig a year ago. It was all I could do to stop myself from walking up to him and saying "ThankyouforwritingjQueryitcompletelychangedthewayIwriteJavaScriptandunderstandsemanticHTMLslashCSS!" I just stood to the side and let him nurse his beer.

    On the other hand, I'm totally chill around senators.

    So maybe *I* should take up SCACCing as a job?

  10. You crack me up! I'm glad you had a good time!


  11. hahaha! i love that you have a thing for getting bananas signed.

    and i'm so not famous. (by the way, i get equally excited to spend time with you whenever i get the chance!)

  12. I really liked Melinda on Idol and totally voted for her! How cool!

    (And Baby F is still just as cute and sweet as ever.)

  13. Hi, Anna!

    I'm not sure if you remember me, but we were on the same team in Nicaragua ('93). Small world because Alece gave me your blog..which is kind of weird because while I'm guessing we probably met in Nicaragua, I've never seen her since. I'm friends with her brother, Mike. Anyway, also strange is that Jessi Canning went to my HS! She was a couple years older than I was and she may not know who I am, but truly a small world!

    Just thought I'd say "Hi!" I enjoy reading your blog and have esp. enjoyed the foster adoption stories. That's something we've been thinking about doing for a couple months. Not sure if it'll ever actually happen on our end, but definitely love reading about it!

  14. Question #2 for scavenger hunt: Speaking of celebrities, in which celebrity’s life did I have an influential role in 2009?
    Third clue: A question, a poem and a riddle.


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