Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello again

Today I logged back on to Facebook after a month away. Here's what I had waiting for me:

Most of the e-mails were about Haiti or asking me to babysit (oops!). Most of the friend requests I didn't recognize (could be because of celebrity look-alike week) and most of the comments were on my notes/blog. Eh-hem. Yeah, well thanks for reading and keeping me in mind!

I really do like being on the FB to keep up with all my friends and "friends," but I was kindof addicted. I read somewhere that the average user checked it 3 or 4 times a day and I was about 100x that. Like, "Oh, it's been 30 seconds, I wonder if anyone commented on that clever thing I wrote yet."

But a month away was good. I didn't lose any friends (I think) and my relationships with the people I was actually present with grew stronger.

Now that I'm back I need some guidelines to help keep me on track and not abuse the gift of the time I've been given in each day. Do any of you have suggestions? I know, "just don't go on it as much," right?!

I've also been "fasting" from TV (except for football and news) and am really looking forward to getting caught back up on my favorite shows. What's good this season? (No, I can't watch Lost, I only saw season 1 and am waiting for this one to be over to watch the whole thing.)

And, in case you haven't told me in a while;

"How you doin'?" (ala Joey from Friends)


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  2. Welcome back to Facebook! A friend of mine is giving it up for Lent, and I was wondering if I would be able to do it. Looks like it might be a good idea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am also very addicted but I try and give it to myself as a reward, like clean the kitchen and you can check your FB or after you fold this basket of laundry you can check your FB, it is always worse when I have posted something. We must crave attention or something that makes us so obsessive about what people may or may not say about our posts.. could just be me thought :).

  4. [loved the joey line at the end!]

  5. I signed into Facebook today and it took me a grand total of 15 minutes to clean through a month's worth of friend requests, messages, and events.


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