Friday, February 12, 2010

What have I done?

I know we usually ask this question of ourselves when we do something wrong or something we think we will regret. I'm just using it because of the shock value to lure you into reading my blog about what I did today.

I have so many thoughts about what I want to blog about. Most of them are deep, make-you-cry kind of thoughts, so I'm gonna save them for later because this is a happy day. Why?

Because I woke up breathing, for one. And the sky was BLUE!!! And the sun was out!! And Baby F slept and ate like a champ all day, proving, once again, she is the world's best baby (good job, E!).

Well, other than that, it was fun because I made banana bread and cookies, caught up on Parks and Recreation, dug out my car, then went shopping to finish up the New Moms Baskets I am putting together as part of the Women's Ministry of our church. I've been working on these for several weeks now, but had to kick it into high gear now that it's February. Have I mentioned that we have 12 babies coming between now and September? Well, three of them are here, with two more coming in the next two weeks!! The snow and getting my own little baby delayed me for a week or so, but I'm good now.

(I know you might think there is something in the water, but I am drinking all the water I can and it's not working. What? Oh, it's not literally in the water? Note to self: go with plan b)

Baby F went shopping with me and completely slept through three stores. Definitely a natural shopper, this one.

I debated putting up a picture of the baskets because my blog is so popular, one of the moms is just sure to see it and then know what she's getting. I'll just count on that foggy mommy brain to block all memories of this posting. And really, you can't see everything that's in it, just that it looks fun and bursting with blessings.

I got this one done just in time to take it and a meal over to new parents Andrew and Morgan. They welcomed JL into their family one week ago, so we took Baby F over to meet him. He's three days younger than she is, but that didn't stop her from flirting. Such a tease, this one.

Then I did a little bit of blog lurking and found this thing called International Leave a Comment Week. Have you heard of it? There's a purple icon with a little dog on the left side of my blog (not on Facebook, only on my real blog) where you can find out more. I entered Anna's Joy on a list of other blogs with infertility/baby/family related issues, where for one week every month the people who sign up  leave at least 5 comments every day on the other blogs on the list. This month it's Feb 21-28. I think my blog will stand out because of our foster care experience and because I am such an excellent (and humble) writer. I already checked out a few of the other blogs on the list and look forward to reading about some other families journeys.

So, that's alot to do in one day, I think. How 'bout you? How was your day?


  1. So glad baby F is doing so well with eating and sleeping! What a God-send!! :) Those baskets look great!! I think I might have to add that to our church!!

  2. Aww...y'all are so sweet! Part of me is so sad that I saw it though...oh well, maybe I'll forget it. ;) I can't wait for Baby F to meet Simon!


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