Monday, February 8, 2010

The Baby F Files- Part Three

This one could be subtitled:

The Mommy Hook

I saw this on my friend's baby registry, and though I don't know how well it works, I think it's a fabulous idea.

But, that's not what I mean by the mommy hook. I mean that huge hook in your heart that attaches to the little one in your care. This tiny six pound baby has got me hooked. By the tone of my own mom's voice when I called her the other day, I think she's still hooked on me, so I guess this hook is pretty strong.  This is gonna be hard, y'all! (more on that later)

Today I went on my first expedition without her. I felt like something was missing, and when I finally realized it was her, I couldn't wait to get through the checkout line to come home and pick her up! I think she really missed me too, by the way she squeaked and squirmed to see me.

Other than that, we are doing well. Yesterday she attended her first church service. In our living room. In her pajamas. As did the rest of our church. Snow has pretty much shut down the city, so they recorded a broadcast for us all to watch online at the regular time of church. After "church" we had visitors, who brought Baby F her very first outfit bought just for her. 

Thanks Fergs!

Then we went out for a walk to show her the snow. (You slinging mommas will be proud of me)

And yeah, the snow is up to the bottom of my jacket, except for the narrow path our wonderful HOA president dug!

She also went to her first Super Bowl party. She was passed around delicately and oohed and ahhed over, just as every baby should be. See, it's not just us who are giving her the welcome to life that she deserves. It's all the people who hold her and kiss her and tell her how cute she is, and all of you who are celebrating her life. John and I get to be the vessels to pass that on to her mom, but you are a major part of the process. So, thank you!

She is becoming very hands on, and likes to hold her bottle and her pacifier. It's pretty cute.

Well, we're about to go hunker down and witness Snowpacolypse Part 2. The NWS is calling for 10-20 inches tomorrow. Oh joy!


  1. She's just precious! ANd look at you all babywearing and stuff :) That snow is amazing (but not nearly as cool as you!) :D

  2. wow! she is quite coordinated to do that with her pacifier already!

  3. ah! she's so dang cute! (and i can't believe the snowpocalypse that's hit you guys!)

  4. Anna, I forgot that you have a blog! I was so excited to rediscover it and read what you're writing about Baby F! :) Thanks for blogging!

  5. Hey Anna, these pics are adorable!

    And I wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award. :)

  6. Hi Anna - I love reading about your experiences with foster care and baby F!! Thanks for sharing :)


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