Monday, March 22, 2010

Things that make you go "Awwww"

We were having dinner with a friend tonight. She lives in Birmingham and was here on business, but her husband stayed home with their little girl. She took a picture of me and John to send to him to make him jealous of who she was with, but then he did her one better. He sent her a picture of their adorable, smiling baby. We all agreed. He won.

So in that spirit, since I don't have pictures of cute kids to show you, I'll just post this because it makes me happy and we all need a little more happiness in our world.

(John's 12-year-old cousin-nephew took this picture of us at the Nat'l Harbor. Pretty good, huh?)

Care to share what's got you smiling or "Awwwing" these days? Post a link in the comments. Share the joy.


  1. Ah- so sweet! Love the picture!

  2. Simon doing almost anything (def not pooping) makes me awww. Malachi loving on Simon, or one of us makes me awww.


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