Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A little BM for you

And of course by BM, I mean Beth Moore. What were you thinking? This is not that kind of blog, ewww.

I've been going through Beth Moore's The Patriarchs study with some good friends and really enjoying her in-depth study of the narrative that the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (with a little bit of Judah and Joseph thrown in) provide. If you've ever done a Beth Moore study, you know she has you do homework for five days, then you get together in your group and discuss it, then watch a video of her teaching.

The past two days I've brought my study guide downstairs to the computer so I could share this with some people, but not being able to exactly narrow down who I should share it with naturally led me to wanting to blog about it.

{side note- I think I have used up all my good grammar on my writing sample, because all of these seem like uncharacteristically long run-on sentences!}

Right now, we're studying Joseph as he's hanging out in the prison after he interprets the butler and the baker's dreams. And here Beth (we're totally on a first-name basis) points out something that so eloquently states what I've been trying to express about what I'm learning (and then learning again) through my 3+ years of waiting for a baby. So here it is. I hope it gets to the person it's for:

"Let's recall what we were told in Genesis 39:21 when Joseph was thrown into prison: 'The LORD was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor.' Sometimes we can be so busy looking for what is missing in our lives that we miss Who is busily present in our lives. We're looking for God to do us future favors when He's trying to open our eyes to present ones. Remember, God purposes to use every second of a divinely-ordained wait to build us into the individuals our future demands we be. One of the most peculiar and exquisite experience of the faith is realizing that while you haven't seen answers or the way you should take, you've learned how to see the light of God Himself. Right there in the blindness of your circumstances." (emphasis mine)


  1. Thanks friend! That speaks right into the circumstances of my morning and reminds me to lift my eyes a little higher.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I needed to hear it today!

  3. Thanks for sharing those words of wisdom and encouragement. The part you emphasized really speaks to me about my years of waiting. I have enjoyed many of Beth Moore's Bible studies over the years. This one sounds great!


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