Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I grew something!

I am not well known for my green thumb. Actually, I am not well known at all, but that's not my point.

My record with plants is 0-3. The previous owners of this house left some plants (along with their big-screen TV and the inspiration for our dog's name), which I proceeded to kill. Well, I just let them die, but not without trying to water them every few months.

So, you will be amazed as I was at the vibrant, living green plants that awaited me on my return from Christmas vacation.

wait for it

scroll for it

Yeah, so I'm pretty sure that means my onions are bad? Should I stick them in a pot w/ some dirt and grow some new onions or should I throw them away?

Help a brown-thumber out, will ya?
(And remember, if you're reading this on Facebook, click over to my actual blog by clicking View Original Post below. I won't see your comments on FB for a few more weeks and my house may have been taken over by onions by then!)


  1. I use the garden guide :) I don't think they are bad until they rot...but I've never grown onions before. Try this..

  2. Well, if you are just going to throw them away, then you might as well put them in some dirt to see if you can grow some new ones first. What's the worst that can happen? You throw them away in a couple months because they like water? It is worth a shot!

  3. hahaha! this cracked me up!


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