Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day in the Life

My sister, Martha, has a blog where she usually blogs about what happens in her day. She has five kids, so there's usually something interesting going on. And she knits. So that's cool.

So I thought I'd copy her and blog about my day. Nothing deep or spiritual here, just my Saturday.

We slept in, which was a luxury for us. Our dog, Mocha, didn't appreciate it so much, but oh well. We drove to Manassas (about 45 min away) to pick up John's Jeep. It had been there since mid-December b/c the drive shaft was messed up. He found a guy on Craig's List who would fix it, but first had to send the shaft back to the company to get something done to it, then they shipped it to the guy who promptly did something else to it. We've been surviving on one car this week, which normally wouldn't have been a problem, but this week just happened to be a week I did Reserve work, so it was interesting.

Ok, so we got the Jeep and then came home and started cleaning the house because we were having people over for lunch. I meant to take the Christmas decorations down, but didn't get to it. I don't have too many, so it won't take long, just have to get the boxes down from the attic.

Wow. I'm even getting bored writing this.

Then, our friends, David and Anna came over for lunch. We just met them at church in October and made them go camping with us that very day. We had such a good connection, we decided to be friends. I think alot of it is our awesome names. Seriously, I don't put last names in my blog, but let's just say we both have last names that are occupations or hobbies that Jesus probably had. We feel pretty good about that.

How do you feel about wedding albums? I always like to see people's wedding photos, especially when I'm just getting to know them. I also really like my wedding album. I spent more money on photos for my wedding than anything else. So I like to show it off. Is that rude? To walk over to someone with the album in hand, plop down next to them and ask them if they want to see it? Doesn't give them much of a choice, I know! And then I have to sit there and tell them who everyone is and every cute or meaningful story that each photo represents. It's my house, right, so I can do whatever I want? I'm thinking this is ok.

I may or may not have done that to David and Anna.

As they were leaving, Mocha made her first, and hopefully last, escape. She entertained herself by running us around the neighborhood. She needs some remedial training on "come," but more than that I think she needs a big yard to run around in. She did cross the street, but decided to investigate a ditch, so John was able to tackle her. Based on her non-stop wagging tail, I don't think she understood our harsh words.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen from lunch, I finished listening to the audio book of People of the Book, a book I got for our long road trip over Christmas but had one CD left. It's pretty interesting, a fictional historical account of a real book- the Sarajevo Haggadah.

Then we drove to Woodbridge, about 20 minutes away, so John could trade a gun for a part of a ham radio tuner. He dropped me off at IKEA so I could get a present for a friend's baby shower. I didn't buy everything I wanted there, but got a few extras.

After we got home, I raced to get ready for the aforementioned friend's baby shower, then went to it. It was pretty good. A cute, pregnant lady, her funny mom, her awesome friends, oohing and ahhing over bibs and onesies.

Finally made it home to change into PJs and watch the last half of the Cowboys-Eagles game, which I think we'll win, but we'll see if the Boys can hang on.

Exciting day, huh. How was your day?

(Remember, if you're reading this on Facebook, come over to my actual blog to comment. Just click on the "View Original Post" link under this. I'll be back on the Book after a while, just need a break for now.)

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  1. I find your day facinating. I'm sure everyone else will too. Oh and thanks for the advertisement. I was gonna blog plug but that doesn't sound right.


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