Monday, January 11, 2010


I had a record breaking day.

I took my dog Mocha for our first run together. She's run with John, but this was my turn to try her out.

It was 29 degrees. That is by far the coldest I have ever ran in. I was proud of myself last year for running when it was 40. This was painful.

I had just read this article in Reader's Digest about this guy who walked across Antarctica in 39 days, and since his skis broke, he actually walked in waist-high snow most of the time. For the last 40 some hours of his trek, he walked w/out stopping, since he had unhitched his sled (which he had pulled the whole way) which had his tent and stove on it.

So I thought, if this guy can be in sub-zero temperature for 39 days, I can go take my dog for a run.

We went 2 miles. I was a little proud of the fact that she wasn't pulling me as much at the end. I think I actually wore her out. But I wore me out, too. My lungs are still cold!

Though this is not about me bragging about my exercise exploits, the other first I had today was going back to Level One of the 30-Day Shred. I had gotten all the way up to Level Three, doing it with Natalie (the advanced girl), back in September. But today, Level One with Anita (the modified girl) kicked my behind.

I'm sorry for feeling secretly superior to anyone who said they were still on Level One. That stuff is no joke! Good job everybody!

Anyway, so I am humbled and a little bit sore, but for all the right reasons!

Wanna come run with us tomorrow?

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  1. way to brave the re-diculous cold!! props to you!


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