Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Too Do

My goals for yesterday were:

-blog about Behr
-Work on uploading/editing pictures from all of Ayla's life so far
-clean the living room
-unload dishwasher
-go grocery shopping
-take a shower/wash hair
-hand wash the handwash only pile (it's been piling up for a loooong time, didn't have super high hopes it was gonna happen)

Here's what I did:
- watched Rachael Ray
- listened to a sermon
- made an awesome sandwich for lunch
- blogged about Behr (applause!!)
- uploaded/edited 11 pictures from a month ago (um...out of several hundred pics, this doesn't get us close enough)
- did a load of Ayla's laundry (well, steps 1-2 of 4 anyway)
- watched some TED videos on Hulu
- went for a walk with John and Ayla (applause! we're counting this as a workout because I was wearing running shoes)

So, 2 out of 8. Somehow, I'm just fine with that!

1 comment:

  1. Love it!!!

    I highly recommend the book "What Mother's Do" by Naomi Stadlen! Excellent and Affirming!


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