Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Baby, Two Parents, Three Grandmas, Four Generations

Ayla has now had the fortune of meeting all of her living great grandmothers. When she was five weeks old, we took her to Texas, where she met John's paternal grandma, "MeMa"

and John's maternal grandma, "Great Grandma."

Then, last week, my wonderful mom took me to see Ayla's third great grandma in Arizona.

This is extra special because she is not my mom's mom. (Ayla will have to wait till heaven to meet her.) "Bubbie Min" is my dad's mom. Even 20+ years after my parent's divorce, my Grandma Min still calls my mom "Karen Darling" and introduces her as her third daughter. 

I am blessed to be related to all these amazing women. They've lived long, hard lives. They've loved strongly and lost so many. They've prayed over their children, welcomed their children's children and now they have spread their love over my daughter, too. 

I wonder if my mom was thinking the same thing I was? If she'd be posing for a four generation picture with my or my sibling's grandchildren? Will I be fortunate enough to meet Ayla's grandchildren? Time will tell, I suppose, but if I do, I will have to find some technology to pull up these old pictures and show them their heritage.


  1. (loved getting to see your mom's beautiful face again in that picture! tell her "hi" for me?)


  2. Thats so sweet! Love Ayla's face in the last one :)

  3. YOU WERE IN ARIZONA AND DID NOT SEE ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHHHH!! But seriously. Next time, we should plan to see one another and let the babies meet!

  4. Four generations in one picture. What a blessing!


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