Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ayla's Behr-friend

Ayla has a Behr-friend. He's not quite her boyfriend, but he is her friend and his name is Behr.

Behr's mom is Shannon, my friend whom I met when she moved in with me for a few months a couple of years ago. Shannon and her husband Mark quickly became good friends of ours, and I was excited to find out they were expecting their first baby at the same time as us, "due" 4 days before.

Here we are at Shannon's baby shower at 32 weeks:

(I was wearing heels and she was barefoot)

Here we are just 7 and 11 days from our due dates:

How did we go from cute to enormous in just a few weeks?
Wouldn't you know it, Shannon had her baby, Behr Robert, in the early hours of January 12 at 12:55am. He arrived just about an hour before my water broke! When I was at the hospital at 6am and saw Shannon post that he was born, I thought it would be cool if "Blueberry" would come that day, too.

When my labor took longer than I expected and I was finally ready to push a little after 11pm, I asked the nurse if I could have this baby today and she said I probably could. Sure enough, Ayla arrived at 11:33pm, just about as close to the end of the day as we could get!

We've gotten our babies together a few times and as you can tell, they are crazy about each other:

Well, at least we are crazy about each other's babies! It's so fun to have a mommy-friend with a baby who has the same birthday but different Every Thing Else! 

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  1. How fun to have that in common!! I had a few friends that had babies just weeks apart but never on the same day!! He looks like a peanut too :) Love that they are so different :D


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