Sunday, June 12, 2011

Every Day Ayla - Month Five

I want two versions of my baby. One would be that tiny, snuggly, brand new Ayla, and one would be whatever age she is currently. I love every stage so far and she just keeps getting better, but sometimes I wish I could just hold the little her just a little bit longer. (sigh)

In her fifth month of life, Ayla perfected rolling from belly to back. I've actually got it on video a few times, too! This whole rolling thing affected her sleep, as she would roll from belly to back, wake up and start playing. So, I started swaddling her again, just until she can get back to her belly. She's working very hard at it, but is happy enough to get her feet in her mouth.

And there is always something in her mouth. Her hands, her feet, her burp cloth, my hair. Whatever, really, she's not picky.

There's also usually something coming out of her mouth. I call her Ayla Drool. (Instead of Ayla Jewel, get it?)

She's losing her hair, but I find most of it in the rolls of her neck. It'll be interesting to see what it will look like when it grows back in. Maybe she'll get a little bit of my curl after all.

She's shown much more interest in what I'm eating and drinking, but I'm going to wait until she can sit up before starting her on solids. For now, she is still a great eater, although she has started to chomp when she's done. I hope I can break her of that habit before she gets teeth!

It took her a while, but she finally has mastered her neck control and her new favorite trick is to stand up and put her arms straight out. I just love it!

She does have feet. For that matter, she also has a neck!

She just loves people. When we enter a room, the first person she makes eye contact with usually gets the best smile, but she'll give out more to others after she studies them a bit first. She especially loves big kids. I need to do a whole separate post of her with the 3-5-year-old set of girls who she loves.

I'm excited about our trip to see our family next week. She has doubled in weight since the last time most of them saw her when she was 5 weeks old! And also doubled in chins and cuteness!

See for yourself:
In the first picture here, she's wearing the bonnet I wore as a baby!
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  1. Love the fussy one :) Good to know she doesn't ALWAYS smile :)


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