Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Wait of the World

That day we were waiting for finally came. 

We had our last date. We had our last kiss. We whispered I Love Yous through tears. We waved goodbye as he slowly walked away.

Then he turned around. Maybe he changed his mind after all!

Oh, he just forgot his jacket. Okay then, another last hug and kiss. 

Deep breath. He's gone. 

Another day three months from now takes its place in the "waiting for" slot. 
(There is always something there.)

One of my requirements requests for John before he left was to write a guest post. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for that! 
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1 comment:

  1. Oh girl, my heart!!!!!! Just remember, God KNEW you were going to go through this NOW, at this time. He knew He could sustain you through it. Just let Him...and let us love on you! When are you coming back?


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