Monday, June 20, 2011

I don't want to blog. I want to sleep. I want to hug my husband. Heck, I'd take talking to him right now!

But, I opened the new post window, so I should write something.

I guess the thing is that I write sometimes to keep my family updated on my life. And now I'm sitting down to meals with them and playing with the kids and it's all just here and now, not something I have to think about too much.

But I don't want the days to pass in a lazy haze and writing helps tie me down, helps me remember.

Do you ever wrestle with in-the-moment living and capturing the moments so you can re-live them?

Ayla's not worried about it. Just loving having new mouths to put her fingers in!


  1. Ahhhhhhh!! Love that you're getting time with family! Praying you hear from John soon!! :)

  2. I constantly wrestle with enjoying the moment rather than always trying to capture the moment.

  3. I struggle ALL the time with this.

    Is THIS the right moment to right about?


    How do I articulate this feeling, this place, this moment into words that will satisfy me and challenge, delight, or encourage the reader?


    What do I write about to make my life come through my words, etc?

    Yeah so all that to say....

    ---You are SO not alone!!


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