Friday, January 28, 2011

Mother-in-L(ove) - A Special Guest Blogger

{I had the great fortune to have my mother-in-law here for a week. I know many people who don't feel that way about their spouse's parents, but if you've ever met Cheryl, you know I won the mother-in-law lottery.

I asked assigned her to write a guest post for my blog, but when she first handed it in, I didn't want to post it. As you'll see, out of all the things she could've written about -- being a grandma, her son, her granddaughter, her grandson, being an educator, how much she loves Texas -- she wrote about me

After some thought, though, I decided to go ahead and post it. I realized, that despite her best efforts, this still says more about her than it does about me. It shows her generous, loving heart. It shows her continual desire to learn and grow. It shows her gift for remembering and celebrating details and uniqueness in other people. These are all qualities I love about her son, and I pray her granddaughter inherited too!}

I have been given an assignment.  As a teacher I am used to giving assignments, not getting them.  Anna has requested (with a deadline and a consequence)  that I write a guest blog.  This is my first experience with blogging, so if the “professional bloggers” out there will cut me a little slack, I will do my best to complete my assignment. 

It is a little overwhelming to think about writing something that many people will be reading.  I have been pondering about what to write for two days and the one thought that keeps coming back to me is that this is my opportunity to share with Anna’s readers’ things that I appreciate about her.  Many of them you already know, but as John’s mother and Ayla’s grandmother I feel that I have a unique perspective.  So that is what I have decided to do. 

From the moment that John called me and said, “Momma, I got a girlfriend!” until today I have been getting to know this very special woman who has brought such joy to my son.  The more I get to know her the more that I am convinced that she was hand-picked by God for my son John.   There are many things that I appreciate about Anna.  What I love the most about Anna is her love for our Father.  I love that she continually seeks Him and listens to His voice.  She has a heart for people and reaches out to her friends and family.  Anna is a thinking woman and wants to walk in truth. 

I love to get in conversations with her about current events.  I always learn so much.  Of course my favorite subject to talk about with her is the Lord.  She always has a perspective and insight that I hadn’t thought of before.   I love Anna’s  creativity which shows up in her writing and her many projects around the house.  I love her world vision. 

Anna is  at home on the back of John’s motorcycle, canoeing down the river, as well as dressed up and off to a formal event.  Anna loves to plan special events for her guests.  A good example of this is when my daughter Kimberly, my grandson Jaden and I went to Georgia to see John’s graduation.  She planned a very special evening at the restaurant where she worked.  We really enjoyed it. 

Anna has a great sense of adventure and she is a strong woman who is able to work through the bumps in life that come her way.

Having said all that, (and I could go on and on) the greatest gift that Anna has given me is the privilege of being Grandma to her little Jewel, Ayla.  For those of you who have not yet met our princess Ayla, you are in for a treat.  She is the sweetest!  So, I will add being a great mom to Anna’s long list of things that I love about her.  It is such a blessing to know that your granddaughter is in such good hands.  I am one blessed grandma.  Ayla is my second grandchild, but my first granddaughter.  Thank you Anna and John for such a precious gift. 

So, Anna, here is your guest blog.  I love you and thank God often for bringing you to our family.  You are the best!  I know that you are going to be a great Mom, and Ayla is super blessed to have you for her mother.  I am praying for you, John, and Ayla as you enter this next phase of your journey together. 

{Thanks, Mom! I have been so grateful for you since I fell in love with John and I love continually discovering the treasure you are.}

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  1. That's so sweet! I love the blessing of a wonderful mother in love. :) I'm a lucky girl as well :D
    Kiss that baby girl for me! (and then hop on a plane and bring her out here!!!!)


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