Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby Name hints

Alright, y'all. I know some of you are getting anxious to hear any news about Blueberry.

Well, as many people have told me, just hang in there. I'm not anxious, just relaxing and enjoying what will be the last precious moments with my baby as close to me as he or she will ever be and being with my husband before the biggest life change we know.

I'm feeling pretty good. We've learned how to manage the pain of the swelling feet (massages with Burt's Bees Mama Bee Leg and Foot Creme). I can feel myself getting stronger on my long walks every day (Mocha is enjoying them, too!). I went to a chiropractor today who gave me a great adjustment and the good news that there's nothing blocking Blueberry from dropping and also some good stretches to do to stay aligned.

So, while we ALL patiently wait, I thought I'd give you the only hint we've given out about our chosen names. We're going to use John's initials if we have a boy and mine if we have a girl.

Have fun guessing!


  1. OH. HOW. FUN!

    Joaquin Matthias
    Audreyella Jasmine


  2. Harley Buffalo Sauce!!!
    At least thats what I'm going to call her/him

  3. Jacob Mark (or Mason)
    Abigail Joy

  4. James Monroe and Adeline Jessalyn. :) There's my random guess...

    I'm waiting with baited breath, sewing machine poised at the ready... girly colors or boy colors...

    So blessed by you all.

  5. Oh fun!! We had a boys name picked out all three times...and never got to use it (obviously). I hope you get to use both of your chosen names someday :D
    I love girl names that start with A. We didn't get to use one because her initials would have been AA! :) Here are my guesses:
    Jackson Michael (hehe)
    Annabel Joyanna :D
    Ok, just kidding. How about Jameson Malachi or Avery Johanna? :)


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