Monday, May 31, 2010

An Airman's Tribute

I slept in today, my husband curled up beside me.

For her, another sleepless night passed, the other side of the bed still empty.

I enjoyed a four-day weekend.

For her, four months feels like four years, forever.

I got great deals at weekend sales.

For her, the ends still don't seem to meet as they used to.

I enjoyed cookouts, friends and the sun.

She placed another set of flowers on the lonely grave.

I will pause at 3pm today to remember.

She will pause at 3pm today to remember.

My Memorial Day is made possible because of her Memorial Day.

Tomorrow I will put on my boots, proudly salute and go to work to honor his sacrifice. Her sacrifice. Their sacrifice.

I will be grateful for the chance I have to serve in this great nation's military, a backbone to America's calling of offering freedom and opportunity for all.


  1. Such a touching post. Huge thanks to you and all who serve and sacrifice for our country!

  2. Amazing. Everyone should read this.


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