Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10-sentence Tuesday

1) I owe you an update on the past few interactions with Baby Z's parents.

2) Friday went much better with brief, but mostly positive, interaction.

3) Sunday and Monday they had appointments to see him but were no-shows. :-(

4) This made me so sad because he is too precious to be stood up.

5) It was hard to drop him off at his new respite-mom's house on Monday night, but I know I will get him back in two weeks.

6) Today I put on my uniform and started my tour in the Air Force Reserves at Andrews Air Force Base.

7) For the next two weeks, I'll be working on the Joint Service Open House, otherwise known as the Andrews Airshow, which is May 15&16.

8) If you're in the DC area (or can come here), you should come because it's free and so much fun!!

9) Questions count as sentences.

10) What have you been up to?


  1. I'm glad it went better but it makes me sad that they didn't show up later. Man, he's cute!

  2. Man, I would love so much to take Yasha to one of those air shows!! We went to the Tulsa Air & Space Museum's Air Show 2 weekends ago and it was super cool, but very expensive and unorganized since they apparently didn't expect even 1/3 of the people that showed up (it took us 2 hours to drive the last 3 miles to get in so we missed a lot of the stunt planes -then I stood in line for over 1 hour for food). They almost redeemed themselves with the B-52 Bomber and B-2 Bomber fly-bys though... amazing! The boys especially liked the Batman theme music that played while the B-2 flew by -too cool. :)
    I like sentence 9.


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