Monday, June 7, 2010

CBN article

Welcome to any new readers clicking over from the CBN article. Thanks for reading!

For any of my regular readers who don't follow me on FB or Twitter, I did an interview with a few months ago and the article was published today. You can go read it here:

So, if you're new and interested in reading about our foster care journey, the easiest way to find those blogs is to go over to the labels and click on either foster care, Baby F or Baby Z.

We don't currently have a placement with us, so I don't have much new to write on that topic, but you're welcome to "follow" or subscribe to be in on any news we have about any new babies coming our way.

Thanks again for coming by!


  1. I just read this article on and was very touched by it. I forwarded it to my sister who is experiencing infertility and undergoing treatments with her husband. It is so true that God will often answer our prayers in a way we didn't expect. It's a faith walk isn't it?

  2. Sweet! What an amazing article and source of encouragement for so many! Way to go!!


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