Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

That's what she said.

No really. That's what the winner of my 100th Blog Extravaganza said in her winning e-mail's subject line.

It took her all of 20 minutes to find all the clues and answer all the questions. And that doesn't surprise me at all, because everything "Mombrose" does is pretty amazing. I met her a few months into grad school and we quickly realized that not only were we the same major, but we had also both graduated high school at 16 and gone to Christian undergrads and wanted to be rock stars when we grew up.

She introduced me to cute socks, TaeBo, Dawson's Creek and The Real World. (Glad our friendship lasted past those!) I didn't really like coffee until she made it "decoffinated" for me. Her family hosted a bunch of us for the Y2K New Years and if your friend's parents could be another type of "in-law" (maybe an "in-friend" such as my "mother-in-friend"?) that's what I'd call them.

We've enjoyed a friendship through the last 12 years that has grown and changed as we have. We've walked (and ran) through life together as grad students, then poor graduates trying to chase our dreams and now as wives and fellow bloggers.

The last time I saw her was in 2007 (WAY too long ago!) when John and I were in San Diego on our cross-country Harley trip.
(Her 3rd beauty was just starting to bake in this pic!)

She is a great writer and photographer, and if you can stand looking at beautiful pictures of beautiful children, you should check out her blog http://ambrosegirls.blogspot.com/. She has a heart after God it shows in everything she does.

So, I'm proud to give her a $100 gift card to spend on www.tisbest.org.

I love you HJ!!


  1. That made me cry. True, it doesn't take much anymore, but this post made me remember some truly awesome times we have shared. They are treasured memories and I'm so thankful for you! I am going to blog about who will receive my "tisbest" bucks :D Love you muchly girl!!

  2. Aww that's awesome. I admit, I gave up after finding the first 2 clues. :(
    I love lasting friendships like yours and mombrose! :) Congrats winner!!


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