Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are you watching?

This past weekend I got to spend with my Oklahoma family. Though these visits include my mom and step-dad, both brothers and their spouses and my sister and hers, it is mostly always about my niece and nephews (or as my s-i-l suggested "nie-neps.")

(Do you know how hard it is to get 8 kids looking in the same direction at the same time?)

Five of these are my sister's and three of them are my brother's. But they are ALL mine! I love being an aunt, and I must be really good at it because God gave my siblings lots of kids!

Tonight, quickly, before my brain crashes into sleep and deep thoughts are erased, I'll make an observation that any of you who are around kids for any time at all have probably made.

My nie-neps are all at ages where they want to show off  be seen. Even the youngest, at 22 months, make sure they have my attention before throwing a ball or hitting something (each other even) with a stick. The older boys want to show off their jiu jitsu moves, and their little sister wants to show off her "jitsu" and "robot dance." Another of them loves to show off how agile he is in climbing and flipping, while his older brother is more than happy to share of his knowledge of bats and airplanes. And I just love that my super-special nephew who has Down Syndrome makes sure I watch and acknowledge when he picks the right shape on my iPhone app and cheerfully claps at his own achievements. 

I remember being like this. Sortof.

Showing off my "Resurrection Sunday" dress to anyone who would watch me twirl. Freely giving out pictures I colored or bravely singing songs I wrote. Even a Field Day participation ribbon was proudly displayed.

Do you remember those days?

I wonder what happens to us. I wonder if that's something we're supposed to grow out of. Because I kindof secretly hope my nie-neps never do. I want them always to be seen, valued, enjoyed, cherished. I never want them to get insecure and worried about what others will think. I want them always to pursue their interests with passion and to share that with others. I don't want them to only share what they think is perfect or just right about themselves, because I think it's all precious.

(And I think I feel my Abba tapping me on the shoulder telling me that's how He feels about me.)

What about you? Do you know anyone who, as an adult, appropriately expresses this aspect of childlikeness? Care to share?

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  1. Love the pic! Being an aunt is just the greatest!! :)


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