Monday, April 14, 2008

What is this about?: Jan. 26, 2007

I know what this means to me. I'd like to hear from you what it means to you and/or what you think it means to me.

You either are or you're not.

It's yes or no.

Not almost.

Not kindof.

No chance for a 'similar, but not exactly'.

The reality is not subject to opinion or interpretation. The knowledge of the reality has varying effects on the knowers, but none whatsoever on the reality.

So then we come to the knowing.

This part is subject to hope, expectations, desires, dreams, emotions and timing.

Two weeks, six weeks, three minutes to know.

One word, two words is all you need.

Some seek the knowledge, others have it thrust upon them.

Some might think it so and be wrong, others might think it not and also be wrong.

What one thinks or even knows about it does not change it one bit.

But knowing the reality (if it is) always changes the knower.

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  1. Question #3 for scavenger hunt: What do I hate about being in the Air Force?
    Fourth clue: I hope you don’t get this wrong.


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