Monday, April 14, 2008

A Thousand Mothers: Apr 2, 2006

I feel the loss of a thousand mothers
Watching my baby drive off to battle
Pride in who he is and that he's mine
Mixes with stubborn fear that he's not
Then there's hope for the next time I kiss him
And a peace that it will be soon

But his place is empty, reminding me
A shadow of his presence, almost him but not
How many others feel this, but deeper and longer?
How many kids miss their daddy
While mommy must be strong?
How many mothers' arms ache for their babies
Or daddies' arms shake, so empty of wife?

Hope has got to be stonger than fear
Faith holding the light while joy gets prepared
Cause that reunion is sweet
The sweetest thing ever when love
Oh, my heart, when love
Comes home

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